bali reclaimed furniture

Furniture crafted from recycled wood in Bali continues to provide essential local and global eco-friendly benefits by reducing deforestation and diverting waste from landfills.

Additionally, it promotes sustainable practices by giving new life to materials and supporting local artisans in creating unique, environmentally conscious pieces.

recycled wood in bali

Furniture made from recycled wood in Bali reflects the island’s commitment to sustainability and its rich tradition of craftsmanship. Bali’s artisans transform reclaimed teak, mahogany, and other woods into exquisite pieces of furniture, ranging from rustic-chic tables to intricately carved chairs.

By utilising wood sourced from old houses, boats, and other structures, the local craftsmen not only reduce waste but also infuse their creations with a sense of history and character. Each piece tells a story with its unique knots, grains, and weathered patina all adding to its charm. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these eco-friendly furnishings emphasise Bali’s reverence for nature and a dedication to preserving the island’s natural resources for future generations.

This range of furniture has been hand-made in Bali using mostly upcycled teak wood from retired fishing boats, with the seasoned wood retaining some of the original colours, the rustic finish and the natural highlights.

Since the furniture is hand-crafted, each piece is unique and slightly different.