Backflow Incense – Eucalyptus


Unwind and rejuvenate with our Aromatika Masala Backflow Incense – Eucalyptus.

Each uniquely designed hexagon-shaped box contains 10 backflow incense cones, providing you with a delightful and calming sensory experience.

Our backflow incense cones are infused with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus. This fragrance is renowned for its ability to clear the mind, promote respiratory well-being, and create a refreshing ambiance.

The cones are designed to create a mesmerising waterfall effect when burned in a compatible backflow incense burner.

Use Eucalyptus backflow incense for relaxation, meditation, or simply to create a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Aromatika Masala Backflow Incense – Eucalyptus – is an excellent gift choice for friends, family, or anyone seeking to elevate their spiritual practices and create an enchanting atmosphere.