Zodiac Sign Incense Holder – Star


Our celestial-inspired, star-shaped, Engraved and Brass Zodiac Sign Incense Holder combines artistic craftsmanship with the magic of astrological symbolism.

Each holder is thoughtfully shaped, adorned with finely engraved zodiac signs, and embellished with a layer of gleaming brass.

This unique holder is designed to resonate with the astrology enthusiast, offering a tangible and visually stunning way to connect with their zodiac sign. The star-shaped design adds a touch of celestial elegance, symbolising the cosmic energy associated with the zodiac, while the detailed engravings display a commitment to quality and precision.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these holders serve as both functional pieces and exquisite works of art. The brass covering adds a layer of sophistication, creating a beautiful interplay between the star-shaped base and the engraved zodiac sign.


zodiac sign incense holder - star shape
Zodiac Sign Incense Holder – Star
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